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Membership Criteria- Travel Media (Press, Television, Internet and radio)

TRAVEL MEDIA (Press, Television, Internet and Radio)

Persons proposed for membership must:

(a) be employed full-time by a recognised travel/tourism magazine or newspaper, or by a magazine or newspaper which has a permanent travel/tourism section on a daily, weekly or monthly basis whether this is printed or published on the internet or

(b) be employed full-time by a regional, national or international television or radio company which has a permanent travel/tourism programme on a weekly or monthly basis as. Publisher Editor Journalist Television producer Radio/Television Reporter/Broadcaster

N.B. The exact position must be specified on the Membership Proposal Form together with the themes, frequency, space (in pages or time) and the distribution area of the printed magazine, newspaper or radio/television programme or to whom the internet version is sent/available. Two copies of the last editions should be attached to the Membership Proposal Form when referring to a written publication or a certificate from the emitting authority with details of the tourism programme.

Not eligible for membership: freelance or part-time, contracted journalists, writers, reporters, producers or broadcasters. To qualify for membership the candidate must be specialised in the tourism industry, to which he must dedicate the majority of his professional work.

Active members

Active membership in Skål is limited to those persons holding managerial positions in the travel and tourism industry, or positions considered equivalent by Skål International. The equivalent positions are specified in the Membership Classifications in this Article. Active Members must work full-time in their position, be directly involved in management, sales, marketing or promotion work, or be engaged in work defined in the Membership Classifications for the equivalent managerial positions and have a minimum of three years experience in the travel and tourism industry. This experience need not be in a managerial position. The Executive Committee of Skål International may, at its discretion, accept senior management of companies or entities with less than the three years experience. Such dispensation will not be given, however, if the translation of the person’s title on the Proposal Form is in question.

All persons proposed for Active membership must comply with the requirements above and must hold one of the following positions in companies or organisations directly related with tourism and travel:

01: President/Chairman/Owner/Chief Executive Officer

02: Vice President/Managing Director/Director General/General Manager

03: Assistant or Deputy Managing Director, Director General or General Manager

04: Director : Sales, Marketing, Publicity, Public and Guest Relations, Revenue, etc.

05: Assistant or Deputy Director: Sales, Marketing, Publicity, Public and Guest Relations, Revenue, etc.

06: Manager: Sales, Marketing, Publicity, Public and Guest Relations, Revenue, etc.

07: Assistant or Deputy Manager: Sales, Marketing, Publicity, Public and Guest Relations, Revenue, etc.

08: General Sales Agent or representative of these companies

09: Persons holding a position or responsibility for controlling or supervising staff or a range of services within the company.