Salty Plum Social Small Bar Walking Tour

#SoBroome’s – #SaltyPlumSocial small bar walking tour of Chinatown. Walk with us as we bring history to life using the latest technology in digital image projection onto buildings as you walk through the historic precinct. We’ll take you to three of our favourite venues in Chinatown for a drink and canapés at each venue. You’ll get a new insight into the history of Broome and the most unique Chinatown precinct in the world. Eat, drink, walk and talk on Broome’s most social tour.

This is a 3 hour evening tour of the Chinatown precinct. You will be walking for half the time and sitting socialising and chatting for the other half. In total we walk about 2 km.

You have the option of meeting us at the starting point, or booking your tour with transfers. 

SKAL SPECIAL OFFER: **20% off your small bar walking tour.

Contact Robyn & Chris for a discount code to use when you book online.

P: +61 409 082 731
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